Awards & Scholarships

If you wish to be considered for an award, please indicate this when submitting your abstract.

HGSA New Investigator Award (NIA)

The HGSA offers a new investigator award (the award prize is $500) to students or individuals who have been a researcher for <10 years. The award is announced at the conclusion of the ASM.

All eligible applicants must:

  1. Have been a member of the HGSA for at least one year.
  2. Have had their abstract selected for an oral presentation
  3. Present original work carried out during or within 5 years or completion of, the applicants research training (up to and including PhD studies or equivalent). The applicant’s eligibility should be verified by their Supervisor or Head of Department (a letter must be provided and emailed to and received by 30 June 2024).
  4. Nominate that they wish to be considered for the award when submitting their abstract/s and provide supporting documentation (as in 3).

Previous winners are ineligible. The age of the applicant will not determine eligibility.

Australasian Association of Clinical Geneticists (AACG) Trainee Awards

The Nigel Clarke Memorial Education Bursary

Nigel Clarke (1966-2015) was outstanding both as a clinical geneticist and a scientist, taken too early from our community at the peak of his career by glioblastoma.  Nigel’s research led to the discovery and characterisation of a plethora of muscle disease-causing genes.

In recognition of the importance and the cost of education, the AACG offers an annual bursary worth $2,000, open to all trainees who are financial members of the HGSA and AACG. While the bursary may be used for any educative experience, applications which have the capacity to benefit the Association as a whole will be looked upon favourably. 

Applications to the bursary will open each year at the March AACG annual meeting and will remain open until 30th June that same year. The successful applicant will be announced at the AACG Annual General Meeting.

More information can be found here.

AACG Trainee prizes

Each year the AACG offers three cash prizes for the top three presentations at the HGSA Annual Scientific Meeting. Trainees must be current financial HGSA and AACG members.  The executive reserve the right not to award prizes should there be insufficient quality presentations. Presentations must be in the main conference program (i.e, abstracts submitted to and accepted by the Scientific Program Committee for the ASM, not SIG satellite day presentations).

  • Prizes judged on merit, regardless of format (oral or poster presentation) 
  • Nigel Clarke Bursary winner will be excluded from prizes
  • First prize, $800
  • Second & third prizes, $400 each

Australasian Society of Genetic Counsellors (ASGC) Award

The ASGC are awarding three prizes for oral and poster presentations as well as travel grants to the 2024 ASM. These are open to ASGC members only. Prizes will be awarded for the Best Oral Presentation, the Best Poster Presentation and Best Student Presentation (oral or poster).

Recipients of awards in the previous year will not be eligible for the current awards. Students will need to confirm they are bona fide students and may need to provide appropriate documentation to this effect. Only current full financial members of the ASGC are eligible for the Best Oral and Best Poster awards. Only student financial members of the ASGC are eligible for the Best Student award.

If there is no winner in a particular category, that award money will not be granted or allocated to another category.

The criteria for assessment for the awards include:

  • Originality of work
  • Clarity of presentation
  • Relevance of work to genetic counselling profession
  • Significance of the work to genetic counselling practice

Australasian Society of Diagnostic Genomics (ASDG) - Karen Snow-Bailey Award

This award is named in honour of Karen Snow Bailey (1961 – 2006) in recognition of her significant and lasting contribution to diagnostic genetic services in Australasia.

The Karen Snow Bailey Award is for the best oral presentation with a focus on diagnostic genomics within the programme at the Annual HGSA Scientific Meeting, inclusive of the ASDG SIG day.

Candidates for this award must have performed a major component of the work presented which can have a diagnostic and/or research focus. In addition candidates must also be current members of the ASDG and the HGSA. Applicants must commit to retain membership in ASDG and HGSA for a minimum of two years post nomination.

The value of this award is currently $500AUD that is to be used for continuing education. Approval must be obtained from the ASDG executive for the intended use of the award and all receipts submitted for reimbursement.

The SIG reserves the right to not present this award if the candidates do not meet the expected minimum standard.

The award must be used within ONE calendar year of it being awarded.

The successful candidate will be expected to give a short presentation at the next SIG meeting detailing how the money was spent and what was gained in doing so. This would usually be in the form of a short conference report.

Successful recipients of the award will not be eligible to reapply for this award within 5 years of receipt.

Australasian Society for Inborn Errors of Metabolism (ASIEM) Awards

ASIEM are awarding prizes for the best oral presentation and best poster presentation at the 2024 ASM. These are open to financial ASIEM members only. 

If there is no winner in a particular category, that award will not be granted or allocated to another category.

Vitaflo Dietitian Education Scholarship

The Vitaflo Dietitian Education Scholarship provides support for professional development for dietitians to attend the ASIEM SIG and HGSA ASM, providing four registrations which include the ASIEM SIG meeting and HGSA Conference on the Gold Coast.

The Scholarship is open to any dietitian who submits an abstract for the Gold Coast meeting. 

The Education, Ethics & Social Issues (EESIC) Award

The EESIC award celebrates the best abstract relevant to education, ethical, legal or social issues. It comprises free registration to the HGSA AGM the following year. All abstracts that submitters nominate as fitting the EESIC category will be assessed by selected members of the EESIC committee. Abstracts will be scored as per the rubric used by the SPC and each abstract will be reviewed by at least two EESIC members. The scores will be averaged and the top scoring abstract will receive the EESIC award. In the event that two abstracts are tied for the top rank, a third review of each abstract will be obtained.

Individuals can only receive the EESIC award once: previous awardees are not eligible. EESIC members reviewing abstracts must declare a conflict of interest if they are listed as an author on an abstract.


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