ASGC Interesting Cases Session: Call for Abstracts

As per previous years, ASGC are planning a session for presentation of interesting, difficult or challenging cases during the ASGC SIG meeting on Saturday 10 August 2024

This session offers an ideal forum for the discussion of cases which have challenged you and stimulated considerable reflection. This is an opportunity for some of our more experienced colleagues to share their clinical experiences. Those of you who are undertaking certification may also wish to consider submitting an abstract and presenting a case that you are preparing for submission. 

Each presenter will have up to 10 minutes to present the case, followed by 5 minutes of questions/discussion. 

It is expected that presenters will briefly discuss the scenario and spend the majority of time reflecting on the issue/s. Presenters will be expected to refer to and reflect on the literature throughout their presentation. 

Abstracts should be submitted via the online Call for Abstracts online form, include a title and author details and up to 150 words.

Submissions are now closed


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