Sponsor & Exhibition Information

To assist you in the organisation of your sponsorship and exhibition booths, please find information below including important dates and times, key contact details as well as important facts for the set up and dismantling of exhibition booths.  

If you have employed custom stand builders for your booth, please ensure you pass this information onto them also.

View Exhibition Floor plan here.

Key Actions & Dates

Action Detail Due
Custom Stands Approval - details of your custom stand builder and design must be provided to the Event Manager
Send custom stand contact details, design & dimensions to lisa@aacb.asn.au 
by 10 July 
Exhibition Contractor Order - Expo Event Services (EES) - fascia, shell scheme information, furniture orders, signage, electrics, AV orders. 
Download copy of kit here.  EES has also emailed all exhibitors.

due 10 July
GCCEC Exhibitor Services Order Form (for on-stand catering, internet, stand cleaning, audio visual, banner rigging) 

NOTE: GCCEC have sole catering rights to all food and beverage.
due 19 July
GCCEC Pre-Event Health & Safety Checklist for Exhibitors 
Pre-Event Checklist Form must be completed by Exhibitors engaging outside contractors (eg. custom builders / electricians etc) 
due 19 July
Company contact details and Profile for Conference App & Virtual Portal Via Spon/Exh Portal. Please click on the unique link provided in the exhibition manual email to update these details. due 30 July
(Optional) Upload Brochures, Links & Videos for conference app and virtual portal.
Via Spon/Exh Portal. Please click on the unique link provided in the exhibition manual email to update these details.
due 30 July
Registration & Accommodation bookings 
We recommend booking as early as possible.
book via Sponsor & Exhibitor Registration Form close 30 July 
Public Liability Insurance Certificate (min. $20million cover) via Sponsor/Exhibitor Portal link provided in email. due 30 July
Delivery to GCCEC All goods must use the GCCEC DELIVERY LABEL.   This must be attached to all goods going to GCCEC.

Good must be scheduled in with the GCCEC Logistics Coordinator Natasha Brown. See contact details below.  Goods will not be accepted any earlier than Friday 9 August. 
On Friday 9 August 

Exhibition Contractor: 

Expo Event Services
Email: sales@expoevent.com.au
Contact: Nicole McCann
Phone: +61 7 5681 1333

Fascia Signage, furniture orders, AV & signage/graphics orders. See contact details below.   
Expo Event Services will send you their own exhibition kit with these details. A copy can also be downloaded here.

Booth Signage/Graphics, Stand upgrades, Fascia sign orders, Additional Electrics (if required), AV Orders &  Furniture Orders 

ALL DUE 10 JULY 2024

Move-In and Out Schedule & Exhibitor Hours

Deliveries - Friday 9 August:

  • Exhibitor Goods to be delivered via the loading dock.  The GCCEC DELIVERY LABEL must be used on all goods and GCCEC logistics Coordinator contacted to schedule in your delivery. 
  • Forklift services and porters are provided for bump-in.

Move-In for Booth Build & Exhibitors - Saturday 10 August:

  • Expo Event Services - Exhibition Build - From 0600
  • Custom Stand Builders - From 0900
  • Exhibitors Access to setup stands - From 1400
  • Booths must be completed by 1600. (Exhibition opens for Welcome Reception at 1700)

Exhibition Open Hours:

  • Saturday 10 August - 1700-1900
  • Sunday 11 August - 0830-1700
  • Monday 12 August - 0830-1700
  • Tuesday 13 August - 0830-1400

Exhibition Move-Out - Tuesday 13 August:

  • Exhibitors  move-out - 1430-1530
  • Expo Event Services - 1530-1800
  • Custom Stands - 1530-1800

Move out to be completed by 1800 on Tuesday 13 August.

Collection of Goods  - Wednesday 14 August:

  • All goods must be collected from the loading dock, between 0730-1600.  
  • The GCCEC will apply storage charges if goods are not collected by 1600.
  • The GCCEC reserves the right to dispose of any remaining goods one (1) week after the conclusion of the event.  Disposal of any remaining goods may incur a removal charge.

Key Contacts

Event Manager
Lisa King 
AACB Services 
M: +61 408 904 524
Venue - GCCEC Exhibition Services
Grace Gibson
Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre
P: 07 5504 4027
Venue - GCCEC Loading Dock & Logistics
Natasha Brown
Logistics & Safety Co-ordinator
Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre
P: 07 5504 4185 
Jo Hoesman
E: conferences@inhouseeventsolutions.com 
& insert HGSA24 in subject line   
Sharon Boynes, Events Officer
AACB Services 
M: +61 427 016 048
E: sharon@aacb.asn.au
Exhibition Contractor
Expo Event Services
Email: sales@expoevent.com.au
Contact: Nicole McCann
Phone: +61 7 5681 1333
Web: expoevent.com.au


The exhibition occupies Hall 1 on the ground floor.

All exhibitor/contractor deliveries must use the Exhibitor Delivery Label, and be delivered to the GCCEC's Loading Dock.  Please ensure you contact Natasha to schedule in your delivery for Fri 9 August.

The Loading Dock is open on Business Days from 0730hrs to 1600hrs AEST. GCCEC will not accept deliveries outside these hours without prior arrangement.

  • Deliveries will not be accepted prior to Friday 9 August 2024GCCEC will not accept deliveries of any goods on behalf of Exhibitors. Note: if you require earlier delivery, please contact the GCCEC Event Manager.  
  • It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to make arrangements with their transport company for the advance delivery, receipt and storage of display material. All material must be clearly marked with the Conference name and exhibiting company.  
  • The ‘Exhibitors Delivery Label’ provided must be affixed to each item when sending goods directly to the GCCEC. Should you have multiple items; please copy the label and ensure all items have this label attached. The GCCEC or Conference Secretariat will not accept any responsibility for arranging the freighting of any item or associated costs.
  • Whilst making deliveries you MUST be in high-visibility clothing and enclosed shoes
  • There is NO PARKING available on the loading dock

All directional and speed signage is to be strictly adhered to, and marked thoroughfares must be kept clear at all times. By Law, egress for all emergency exits leading to the loading dock are to remain clear at all times. GCCEC accepts no responsibility for the safety of vehicles and / or their contents.

Authority to Sign 

The GCCEC will not take delivery of any goods, packages or other materials on behalf of a Client, Contractor, Exhibitor or their Agent.  Please ensure that your representative or service Contractor is present to sign for your freight, an ‘Authority to Leave’ has been signed with your courier, or arrangements have been made with the GCCEC by completion and submission of the Authority To Sign Form.  This must be completed prior to the arrival of your goods. 

The GCCEC does not accept responsibility for the condition, quantity or safety of any items delivered or dispatched to the Centre in the absence of the Client, Exhibitor, his Agent or Contractor.  Clients, Contractors and Exhibitors acknowledge that loss or damage are insurable risks and that obtaining insurance is their responsibility.  If they fail or choose not to do so, it is at their own risk. 


Saturday 10 August - refer to above schedule. To ensure all exhibitors experience a speedy and trouble-free build of their exhibition, exhibitors and stand contractors must adhere to the access time provided. Access into the exhibition space prior to the scheduled time will not be permitted.

All exhibition booths must be completed and exhibitors moved in by 1600 on Saturday 10 August. 

Safety vests and enclosed shoes MUST be worn at all times during the move-in and out schedule.


Move-out is from 1400 on Tuesday 13 August. All exhibitors are asked not to commence bump out until the completion of lunch. The prior consent of the Event Manager is required for exhibitors to move out or breakdown prior to the scheduled time.

To assist with courier pickups and movement of items to the Loading Dock for dispatch, please ensure each item is labelled with a completed GCCEC Dispatch Label. Unlabelled goods may be deemed as rubbish and disposed of post-show.  It is the owner’s responsibility to label their goods to prevent mishandling.

Collection of Goods - Wednesday 14 August:
  • All goods must be collected from the loading dock, between 0730-1600 on Wednesday 14 August.
  • The GCCEC will apply storage charges if goods are not collected by 1600.
  • The GCCEC reserves the right to dispose of any remaining goods one (1) week after the conclusion of the event.  Disposal of any remaining goods may incur a removal charge.

Exhibition Hall 

The Industry Exhibition & Posters will be in Hall 1, on the ground floor at GCCEC.  

Electrical Equipment

All electrical equipment entering the venue must comply with the Australian Standards. All electrical equipment used in the workplace, including equipment brought in to the building by contractors or third parties must be tagged and tested. The outward sign of compliance with the Act will be the equipment’s electrical test tag, compliant with AS3760: 2003.
The venue reserves the right to inspect and remove or replace any electrical equipment not complying with the Act. Power cords which are detachable, such as IEC leads, extension leads and power boards are separate items and need to be tested independently from the equipment they are supplied with.
All exhibitors MUST arrange testing and tagging of all electrical equipment prior to arrival at the exhibition.

Exhibition Package

Booth Package Entitlements

  • 3m x 3m Shell scheme or space.
  • Acknowledgement in the Conference Website, Conference Handbook, App and Virtual portal.
  • One full registration per booth (includes access to sessions, daily catering, Welcome Gala Dinner, Exhibition Networking Reception, Posters Session).
  • Discounted exhibitor registration for additional staff.
  • Logo on the Sponsors Board and Sponsors reel at the Conference.
  • Delegate list (name/organisation/state) supplied one week prior to the Conference.

Shell scheme

Size: 3.0m x 3.0m
Walls: 2.48m high aluminium frame with white panels
Fascia: Fascia sign across aisle frontages
Lighting: 1 LED 3 bar arm light
Power: 1 x 4amp power outlet per booth

When attaching anything to walls, exhibitors are asked to only use blue tac, or 3M removable picture hanging strips.

NO pins, nails, staples, screws, bolts, Velcro, paint, double adhesive tape or glue is to be used to fix materials to the walls. Damage to panels will be charged to exhibitors.

Furniture and audio visual equipment can be ordered through Expo Event Services.

Custom Build Stands

Exhibitors with custom stands must provide design specifications and stand plan to the Event Manager, Lisa King by 12 July 2024


Charcoal carpet is provided in Hall 1.


It is the responsibility of each company to maintain insurance cover against injury to person or damage or loss of property in such amounts as the company shall deem appropriate. AACB, the Organisers, GCCEC, or the Conference Secretariat will not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury that may occur to the company’s representatives or property from any cause whatsoever prior, during and subsequent to the exhibition. It is recommended you purchase insurance to cover your property during the exhibition.

Public Liability Insurance

It is a requirement that each Exhibitor has Public Liability Insurance with a minimum AUD$20 million cover. Due to our insurance and venue booking requirements, we require a copy of your CERTIFICATE OF CURRENCY by 30 July 2024. Please upload a copy via your exhibitor link or email to lisa@aacb.asn.au.

Safety Vests

All Organisers, contractors and exhibitors and their staff must wear safety vests and closed in shoes whilst on the loading dock, service road or in the exhibition during the construction, bump in and bump out of events. Vehicle drivers and offsiders or passengers utilising the dock areas, who intend to exit their vehicle are required to wear a safety vest or approved hi-visibility clothing for safety purposes.


There is a designated onsite storage area in the exhibition hall as noted on the exhibition floor plan. Exhibitors must move all boxes to the storage area; No boxes and packing material should be left on your stand or in the display area during the event. Please ensure all goods are stored in the designated storage area.


High speed wireless internet will be provided by the meeting.  A wifi passcode will be provided onsite.


Conference Secretariat

AACB Services Pty Ltd
PO Box 7336, Alexandria NSW 2015
P: (61) 2 9660 6600
       E: conference@aacb.asn.au